Water and Energy: The Foundation of all Life


FlexBio technology stands for innovation, competence and flexibility in the development and implementation of resource-conserving and sustainable solutions for the benefit of our customers. We combine effective consulting with high-quality engineering services in all areas of wastewater treatment, biogas processing and water treatment.

We offer a complete realisation of projects; from the first drawing to the key handover of the finished system.

Everything according to your wishes. From a single source. Worldwide.

Reliable Partner

We are a strong and reliable partner who can guarantee the security of your investment. We make use of modern and innovative technology that meets the highest standards of safety, ease of use and quality. A permanent and sustainable partner in Germany and around the world.

Bioenergy from Wastewater


Wastewater treatment not only entails effort and costs, but can be used directly as an energy source by means of FlexBio wastewater technology. Wastewater from industrial plants, such as the food and beverage industry, is often contaminated with organic substances. With the help of anaerobic wastewater treatment (anaerobic technology), the contaminated water is cleaned in the absence of air. The result is valuable biogas, which can be used as a source of energy for heating or power generation. The wastewater treatment becomes the power plant, the sewage the fuel!

Flexible Solutions

We manufacture and market a specially developed process for anaerobic wastewater treatment in a compact and modular design. The FlexBio compact sewage treatment plants can be transported easily and quickly. The plants are pre-assembled at our factory and delivered after an initial testing period. The design allows a space-saving installation according to the Plug & Play Principle, meaning that the container systems can be connected to most plants.

Less Sewage Sludge,

More Energy!

The anaerobic wastewater treatment technology we use allows the organic matter in wastewater to be almost exclusively converted by micro-organisms to biogas (approx. 90-95%). The resulting biogas can be used for energy on the one hand and, on the other hand, the mass of the sludge can be reduced by about 90% compared to conventional sewage treatment technology.

Mobile Pilot Plant

-Give Us a Try!

The use of our mobile demonstration system showcases the effective, state if the art wastewater purification we offer. Furthermore, the on-site trial operation enables effective potential determination under real-life conditions. In addition, planning errors are avoided and process optimization is already carried out during the test operation. The demonstration system is able to effectively play through the process engineering adaptations and variations to the specific wastewater in advance. The demonstration system is completely assembled in a trailer, which allows us to effectively demonstrate the function and performance of our process. The mobile system is dimensioned so that an up-scaling to a larger plant is possible.

Biogas Technology of the Future

The economic production and use of biogas is one of our core competencies. In the biogas segment, we represent an innovative biogas technology of the new generation. Our biogas technology enables the efficient utilization of substrates that have only been Inadequately used for biogas production. Another focus of our biogas technology lies in the area of flexibility. Our biogas plant can provide real flexibility even without large gas storages. In addition, our plant concept is suitable for small, decentralized applications such as pure slurry systems, small dry chicken droppings biogas plants, use of silage effluent in larger farms (livestock farming) or co-fermentation of renewable resources.

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